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Mr John McKnight


Bupa specialist

Video and telephone consultations

Areas of interest
Andrology; Urological oncology
Medical secretaries

Ulster Hospital - SE Trust Upper Newtownards Road Dundonald BELFAST BT16 1RH

028 9055 3197

Anaesthetists worked with (Bupa members, please ask your consultant whether your anaesthetist is fee-assured)
Practises at 4 facilities
Information for healthcare professionals
Procedures completed for Bupa members in the last 12 months

M4510Diagnostic endoscopic examination of bladder (cystoscopy) including any biopsy - (5-50)
Ulster Independent Clinic (5-50Hillsborough Private Clinic (1-5

M2730Ureteroscopic extraction of calculus of ureter (including cystoscopy and insertion/removal of stent) - (5-50)
Ulster Independent Clinic (1-5

X3510IV sedation administered by operator - (5-50)
Ulster Independent Clinic (1-5

XR110Ultrasound guided biopsy(ies) - (5-50)
Ulster Independent Clinic (1-5

M4780Urodynamic studies/urodynamic assessment - (5-50)
Hillsborough Private Clinic (1-5

N3030Circumcision - (1-5)
Ulster Independent Clinic (1-5

N2710Excision of lesion of penis - (1-5)
Ulster Independent Clinic (1-5

M7940Internal urethrotomy (including cystoscopy) - (1-5)
Ulster Independent Clinic (1-5

N1100Correction of hydrocele - (1-5)
Ulster Independent Clinic (1-5

Conditions treated for Bupa members in the last 12 months

59600Other Disorders, Bladder | Disorders of the bladder; Bladder Neck Obstruction; Bladder, Atony; Bladder, Vesical Fistula; Diverticulitis of Bladder; Diverticulum, Bladder; Intestinovesical Fistula; Obstruction, Bladder Neck

18500Malignant Neoplasm, Prostate | Disease of the prostate

60200Prostate, Disorders, Other | Disorders of the prostate; Prostate, Atrophy; Prostate, Calculus

78800Urinary System, Symptoms Involving | Symptoms involving the urinary system; Anuria; Dysuria; Male Stress Incontinence; Oliguria; Renal Colic; Urethra, Discharge; Urine Retention

78820Urine retention (inability to urinate) | Bladder; Ischuria; Urine retention

78801Renal colic (kidney stones) | Kidney stones; Renal Calculus; Renal colic

59901Urinary tract infection | Urinary infection, no specified site

59000Kidney, Infections of | Kidney, Abscess; Perinephric Abscess; Pyelitis; Pyelonephritis; Pyeloureteritis Cystica; Pyonephrosis; Renal Abscess

60100Inflammatory Disease, Prostate | Prostate, Abscess; Prostate, Diseases, Inflammatory; Prostatitis; Prostatocystitis

59200Calculus of kidney and ureter | Stone in the kidney or ureter; Calculus, Ureter; Calculus, Urinary; Kidney, Calculus; Kidney, Stone; Nephrolithiasis; Stone - Renal; Stone - Urinary; Stone, Ureter; Ureter, Calculus; Ureter, Stone; Urinary Calculus; Urinary Lithiasis

59300Other Disorders, Kidney And Ureter | Cyst, Kidney; Hydroureter; Kidney, Hypertrophy; Nephroptosis; Postural Proteinuria; Ureter, Obstruction; Ureter, Stricture; Vesicoureteric Reflux

59900Other Disorders, Urethra and Urinary Tract | Disorders of the urethra-urinary tract; Cyst, Skene's Gland; Cyst, Urethra; Haematuria; Urethra, Caruncle; Urethra, Fistula; Urethra, Prolapse; Urethral Cyst; Urinary Obstruction

79100Urine, Nonspecific Findings on Examination | Acetonuria; Albuminuria; Biliuria; Chyluria; Glycosuria; Haemoglobinuria; Myoglobinuria; Proteinuria

60500Phimosis | Tight foreskin; Tight Foreskin

22200Benign Neoplasm, Male Genital Organs | Benign neoplasm, male genitalia; Benign Neoplasm, Epididymis; Benign Neoplasm, Genital Organs, Male; Benign Neoplasm, Penis; Benign Neoplasm, Prostate; Benign Neoplasm, Scrotum; Benign Neoplasm, Testis

18800Malignant Neoplasm, Bladder | Disease of the bladder

60300Hydrocele |

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