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Fee assured

Miss Jane Bridges

Obstetrics and gynaecology

Areas of interest
Gynaecological oncology; Gynaecology; Colposcopy (examination of cervix and vagina)
Medical secretaries
Arabella Erskine

020 7460 5762

Anaesthetists worked with (Bupa members, please ask your consultant whether your anaesthetist is fee-assured)
Practises at 3 facilities
Information for healthcare professionals
Procedures completed for Bupa members in the last 12 months

P2730Colposcopy (+/- biopsy or polypectomy) - (5-50)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (5-50The Royal Marsden Hospital (1-5

Q1800Hysteroscopy (including biopsy, dilatation, curettage and polypectomy +/- Mirena coil insertion) - (5-50)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (5-50The Royal Marsden Hospital (1-5Parkside Hospital (1-5

Q1280Introduction of a mirena coil - (5-50)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5Parkside Hospital (1-5

Q2230Oophorectomy and salpingectomy, +/- biopsy eg. omentum, peritoneum, lymph node (as sole procedure) (including bilateral) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Q3800Laparoscopy and therapeutic procedures (including laser, diathermy and destruction e.g. endometriosis, adhesiolysis, tubal and ovarian surgery) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Q2020Endometrial biopsy or aspiration - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5Parkside Hospital (1-5

Q0790Laparoscopic total hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5The Royal Marsden Hospital (1-5

P0600Excision of lesion of vulva - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

P2000Excision of lesion of vagina (e.g. warts and cysts) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Q0230Cauterisation of lesion of cervix uteri (+/- loop diathermy, colposcopy or polypectomy) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Q1700Therapeutic hysteroscopic operations on uterus (including endometrial ablation excluding microwave or radiofrequency ablation) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

T3600Wedge excision or removal of omentum (as sole procedure) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Q0880Hysterectomy with excision / biopsy and/or removal of omentum and uterine adnexa for ovarian malignancy - (1-5)
The Royal Marsden Hospital (1-5

P2310Anterior +/- posterior colporrhaphy (including primary repair of enterocele) (including cystoscopy) - (1-5)
Parkside Hospital (1-5

Q0751Laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) - (1-5)
The Royal Marsden Hospital (1-5

Q0740Total abdominal hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Q4400Ovarian cystectomy +/- omental biopsy (as sole procedure and including bilateral) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Q1030Dilatation of cervix uteri and curettage of uterus (including polypectomy and diathermy of cervix) - (1-5)
Bupa Cromwell Hospital (1-5

Conditions treated for Bupa members in the last 12 months

62600Disorders of Menstruation, Abnormal Bleeding From Female Genital Tract | Menstrual disorders; Bleeding, Intermenstrual; Disfunctional Uterine Bleeding; Heavy Periods; Hypomenorrhoea; Intermenstrual Bleeding; Menorrhagia; Menstruation, Irregular; Metrorrhagia; Oligomenorrhoea; Polymenorrhoea; Post Coital Bleeding

78900Abdomen And Pelvis, Other Symptoms Involving | Symptoms involving abdomen & pelvis; Abdominal Discomfort; Abdominal Pain; Abdominal Rigidity; Ascites; Colic; Epigastric Pain; Hepatomegaly; Pelvis, Mass; Splenomegaly

62300Noninflammatory Disorders Of Vagina | Dysplasia, Vagina; Leukoplakia, Vagina; Leukorrhea; Polyp, Vagina; Tight Hymenal Ring; Vagina, Adhesions; Vagina, Discharge; Vagina, Haematoma; Vagina, Kraurosis

78901Abdominal pain | Stomach ache; Stomach pain

18300Malignant Neoplasm, Ovary And Other Uterine Adnexa | Disease of the ovary or fallopian tubes; Malignant Neoplasm, Fallopian Tube; Ovarian Cancer; Oviduct, Malignant Neoplasm

61400Inflammatory Disease, Ovary / Fallopian Tubes / Pelvic Cellular Tissue | Inflamatory Disease, Ovary; Inflamatory Disease, Pelvic Organs, Female; Oophoritis; Ovary, Abscess; Parametritis; Pelvis, Cellulitis; Pelvis, Peritoneal Adhesions; Pid - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease; Salpingitis; Salpingo-Oophoritis; Tubo-Ovarian Abscess

62900Other Disorders Of Female Genital Organs | Disorders of the female genitalia; Haematocele, Female; Hydrocele, Canal of Nuck, Female

62200Cervix, Noninflammatory Disorders | Disorders of the cervix; Cervical Dysplasia; Cervical Erosion; Cervical Polyp; Cervix, Ectropion; Cervix, Erosion; Cervix, Incompetence; Cervix, Leukoplakia; Ectropion of Cervix; Erosion of Cervix; Incompetence of cervix; Leukoplakia, Cervix; Polyp, Cervical

61600Inflammatory disease of cervix, vagina, and vulva | Bartholin Gland, Abscess; Bartholin Gland, Cyst; Cervicitis; Endocervicitis; Inflammatory Disease, Cervix; Inflammatory Disease, Vagina; Inflammatory Disease, Vulva; Vaginitis; Vulva, Abscess; Vulvitis; Vulvovaginitis

17900Malignant Neoplasm, Uterus, Part Unspecified | Disease of the uterus

62700Menopausal and Postmenopausal Disorders | Menopause and postmenopausal disorders; Menopausal Syndrome; Menopause; Menorrhagia, Premenopausal; Post Menopausal Bleeding; Senile Vaginitis; Syndrome, Menopausal

61500Inflammatory Disease, Uterus, Except Cervix | Endometritis; Uterus, Abscess; Uterus, Inflammatory Disease

61800Genital Prolapse | Genital prolapse; Cystocele; Incompetence or Weakness Pelvic Fundus; Prolapse, Inter-Vaginal; Prolapse, Uterovaginal; Rectocele; Vagina, Prolapse

21800Leiomyoma, Uterine | Disorders of the uterus; Fibroid; Fibroid Uterus; Uterus, Leiomyoma

62100Uterus, Disorders Not Classified Elsewhere | Disorders of the uterus; Endometrial Hyperplasia; Polyp, Uterus; Uterus, Enlarged; Uterus, Fibrosis; Uterus, Inversion; Uterus, Malposition; Uterus, Retroversion

62000Noninflammatory Disorders Of Fallopian Tubes And Broad Ligaments | Disorders of the ovary, fallopian tubes and pelvic ligaments; Cyst, Broad Ligament; Cyst, Ovary; Cyst, Pelvic

79060Abnormal blood chemistry | Blood

22000Benign Neoplasm, Ovary |

25600Ovarian Dysfunction | Disorders of ovary; Hyperoestrogenism; Polycystic Ovary; Premature Menopause; Stein-Leventhal Syndrome

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