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Mr Grant Radcliffe

Ear, nose and throat surgery

Areas of interest
Voice disorders; Head and neck surgery (oral-maxillo-facial); Laryngology; Sinus procedures incl. endoscopic sinus surgery; Paediatric otolaryngology; Rhinology (nasal disorders)
Medical secretaries
Maggie Marks

020 7935 8827

Anaesthetists worked with (Bupa members, please ask your consultant whether your anaesthetist is fee-assured)
Practises at 5 facilities
Information for healthcare professionals
Procedures completed for Bupa members in the last 12 months

D0702Aural toilet (including microsuction and/or suction of exteriorised mastoid cavity) - (5-50)
Spire Bushey Hospital (5-50152 Harley Street (5-50BMI The Garden Hospital (5-50Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

E3680Endoscopic laryngo-pharyngoscopy as sole outpatient procedure +/- stroboscopy - (5-50)
Spire Bushey Hospital (5-50BMI The Garden Hospital (1-5152 Harley Street (5-50Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

20210Pure tone audiogram (air conduction) - including masking - (5-50)

E1780Diagnostic endoscopy of sinus and bilateral (as sole procedure) - (5-50)
152 Harley Street (1-5Spire Bushey Hospital (1-5BMI The Garden Hospital (1-5

E2010Adenoidectomy - (5-50)
BMI The Garden Hospital (1-5The Portland Hospital (1-5

D1510Myringotomy and insertion of tube through tympanic membrane (and bilateral) - (5-50)
The Portland Hospital (5-50Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

D2030Removal of grommets - (1-5)
The Portland Hospital (1-5Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

F3440Tonsillectomy - adult (and bilateral) - (1-5)
Princess Grace Hospital (1-5Spire Bushey Hospital (1-5

F3480Adenotonsillectomy (and bilateral) - (1-5)
The Portland Hospital (1-5

E0380Nasal septum cauterisation (and bilateral) - (1-5)
BMI The Garden Hospital (1-5Spire Bushey Hospital (1-5

E1432FESS: excision uncinate process and anterior ethmoid bulla, antrostomy/antral puncture, simple polypectomy and attention to turbinates (bilateral) - (1-5)
Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

E0360Septoplasty of nose (including attention to turbinates) - (1-5)
Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

E1220Caldwell-Luc approach to maxillary sinus - (1-5)
Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

D1520Suction clearance of middle ear (as sole procedure) - (1-5)
Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

D1420Myringoplasty - (1-5)
Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

E3520Microlaryngoscopy/laryngoscopy +/- endoscopic excision of lesion of larynx - (1-5)
Princess Grace Hospital (1-5

Conditions treated for Bupa members in the last 12 months

38500Other Disorders Of Middle Ear And Mastoid | Ear disorder; Cholesteatoma of Middle Ear Or Mastoid; Ear Ossicles, Abnormality; Otitis, adhesive; Polyp, Middle Ear; Tympanosclerosis

38800Other Disorders, Ear, Not Otherwise Listed | Disorders of the ear; Ear, Discharging; Earache; Hearing Loss, Sudden, Unspecfied; Otalgia; Otorrhoea; Tinitus; Tinnitus

38000Disorders of External Ear | Ear disorder; External Otitis; Impacted Cerumen; Otitis Externa; Otomycosis; Perichondritis of Pinna; Swimmer's Ear; Wax in Ear

47800Other diseases of upper respiratory tract | Cyst, Antral; Hypertrophy of Nasal Turbinates; Laryngopharyngitis, Chronic; Larynx, Unspecified Disease Not Elsewhere Listed; Nasal Obstruction; Oedema, Larynx; Pharyngalgia; Pharyngeal Stricture; Polyp, Larynx; Polyp, Vocal chord; Retropharyngeal Abscess; Vocal Chord, Disease; Vocal Chord, Nodule

38820Hearing loss, sudden, unspecified | Ear; Hearing loss

03400Streptococcal sore throat and Scarlet Fever | Sore throat and scarlatina; Laryngitis, Streptococcal; Pharyngitis, Streptococcal; Scarlatina; Scarlet Fever; Sore Throat, Septic; Sore Throat, Streptococcal; Tonsillitis, Streptococcal

46300Tonsillitis, Acute | Acute tonsillitis

46100Sinusitis, Acute | Sinusitis

38900Hearing loss | Ear disorder; Deafness, Conductive; Deafness, Sensorineural

78410Throat pain | Throat

47400Chronic disease of tonsils and adenoids | Disease of the tonsils & adenoids; Adenoid Vegetations; Adenoiditis; Hypertrophy of Adenoids; Hypertrophy of Tonsils; Tonsillitis, Chronic

78400Head and Neck, Symptoms Involving | Symptoms of the head and neck; Aphasia; Dysphasia; Epistaxis; Facial Pain; Headaches; Hoarse Voice; Nasal Bleeding; Neck, swelling; Neck, Symptoms Involving; Nose, Bleed; Swelling in Neck

47000Deflected Nasal Septum | Deflected nasal septum; Deviated Nasal septum; Nasal septum, Deflected Or Deviated; Nose, Septal Deviation; Septal Deviation, Nasal

38120Chronic Mucoid Otitis Media | Glue Ear

78040Dizziness/vertigo | Giddiness; Light headedness

78480Haemorrhage (bleeding) from nose or throat | Haemorrhage; Nose; Throat

78620Cough |

21200Benign Neoplasm, Respiratory And Chest Organs | Benign Neoplasm, Bronchus; Benign Neoplasm, Ear, Middle; Benign Neoplasm, Heart; Benign Neoplasm, Larynx; Benign Neoplasm, Lung; Benign Neoplasm, Mediastinum; Benign Neoplasm, Nasal Cavities; Benign Neoplasm, Pleura; Benign Neoplasm, Thymus; Benign Neoplasm, Trachea; Chest Organs, Benign Neoplasm; Respiratory Organs, Benign Neoplasm

53000Cardiospasm | Achalasia; Oesophagitis; Oesophagus, Abscess; Oesophagus, Diverticulum; Oesophagus, Dyskinesia; Oesophagus, Haemorrhage; Oesophagus, Perforation; Oesophagus, Reflux; Oesophagus, Stenosis; Oesophagus, Stricture; Oesophagus, Ulcer; Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula

78610Stridor (harsh, high-pitched, noise when breathing) | Larynx; Stridor; Throat; Voicebox; Windpipe

47100Polyp, Nasal | Nasal polyps

46500Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple or unspecified sites | Laryngopharyngitis, Acute; Upper Respiratory Disease, Acute

38860Otorrhea (ear discharge) | Ear; Ear discharge; Otorrhea

27600Electrolyte, Fluid and Acid-Base Balance Disorders | Fluid retention disorders; Acidosis; Acute Fluid Retention; Alkalosis; Fluid Retention, Acute

78401Headache |

78670Abnormal chest sounds | Chest

99400Effects of Other External Causes | Air Sickness; Effects Of Electric Current; Effects of Hunger; Effects of Lightning; Effects of Thirst; Motion Sickness; Sea Sickness; Travel Sickness

49600Airways Obstruction, Not Elsewhere Classified, Chronic |

78420Swelling mass or lump in head and neck | Head; Neck

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